Microbiome Health For a Modern World

Navigating Modern Gut Conditions, autoimmunity, and Chronic pain through microbial and planetary diversity.

Microbiome Health For A Modern World

Navigating Modern Gut Conditions, autoimmunity, and Chronic pain through microbial diversity, plants, and Embodiment.

Microbial health is personal Health

Your microbiome is as unique as your genome. You might even say we are half-human, half microbes. What happens when we view ourselves as an ecosystem?  We treat our gut bacteria, skin, body, self and the earth much differently. We also approach our health differently too. We are part of a whole: micro to macro earthside to ether.

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Herbalist, Mentor, and Digestive Health Educator

The key to health is in the interconnectivity and embodiment of self and all life. Your microbiome is much like your genome, unique to you. To nurture your inner ecology is a stepping stone in health and immunity.


Energetically, autoimmunity is an expression of disembodiment. Through food, herbals, and daily practices we can shift our physical and emotional landscape to support our bodies.


Plants and people have an interwoven history. For 60,000 years our ancestors used plants in ceremony, healing, and as medicine. We have lost the practical application of plants as allies. It is time to rekindle this in our modern lives.


Gut Health is The foundation of Wellness

The Gut is the foundation of modern wellness. Our ancestors lived in communities with bacteria and pathogens and treated them with herbs and ceremony. In fact, it shaped the modern human as we are today. Could the key to our modern illnesses be in our bacteria phobia? lack of plant medicine? And disembodiment? What if we nurtured our bodies as the ecosystem we truly ARE? How then would we approach healing? 

Are you Ready To discover the power of bacteria + fungi?

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