My story begins with my own healing journey, as it does for many healers. In my early adulthood, I began to turn my attention to a holistic and alternative style of living. I made small changes and adaptations to my diet, dabbled with my first few cleanses, and transitioned to a vegan lifestyle. Looking back now, I see my naivety towards my longer term health goals and the inattentiveness to how my body was actually feeling. Instead, I played by other peoples rules, recommendations and diets. For awhile, I thought this was enough. Years later, I found myself  physically drained and sick, spiritually numb, and emotionally wounded. I paired this with a laundry list of health ailments after I decided to seek the support and guidance I know I needed during this time. After 24 long  months of doctors, naturopaths, tests, and “one size fits all” healing models I decided to immerse myself into Holistic Nutrition. It was then, and only then, through whole food medicine, plant allies, and of course an aligned mind-body connection that I  finally began to heal. I had been to countless doctors, was  diagnosed with a countless chronic conditions, and didn’t know how to heal OR what was making me sick.  My symptoms were written off as “mystery illness”  or ” chronic illness” and nobody could seem to find any tangible  reason WHY I was in pain. Tired of the endless cycle and misdiagnosis  and appointments, I turned my attention to a new methodology that was radical yet effective. Just when I though I had “ tried everything, I  discovered the true healing that mind-body connection paired with healing plants could do for me. I continue to heal, discover, and teach myself and others along this  transformative healing journey and plant path. 

I am here to help you identify, heal, and support your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. I will give you the tools to listen to your body, create an affordable and actionable healing plan and bio-individualize your healing journey.Wellness should be though of as a practice and never a once sized fits all model. My hopes are that wherever you are in your healing journey you can start to establish a grounded sense of body and self, were each parts to that whole flow fluidly and support each other.My journey has taught me that  disassociation to our body can lead to the most critical and damaging effects on our health. I am just like you, working towards a healthy body, mind and spirit.  My mission is one of healing. Healing myself and others with love, intention, plants, and a respect for individual  human needs.

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