Identify & Heal Program

Identify & Heal Program

60 Day Holistic Health Coaching Program 

All Diagnosis and No Action? This  Program is designed to identify the root cause of your ailments, health concerns, and will curate a healing protocol designed for you and your lifestyle.

No one size fits all models here.

Your Road to Progressive Healing 

Often times we are given a laundry list of Diagnosis and lists of what not to do. When was the last time you were met with remedial action and support  for healing your illness? 

When I first started my health journey I was met by practitioners who could identify my illness, but never give me the bio individualized results for healing.

My practice is the progressive healing model, where we work to identify  the symptoms and root cause.We work to heal both symptom and root cause for the goal of radical healing.

Imagine If…

…You were able to identify the root cause AND the symptoms of your illness and ailments and treat them holistically with food as medicine so you can ditch the medications and take your life back.

…You repaired you body and energy  so you could reduce your inflammation, lose the weight, and find relief and ease as you healed?

…you could build an intuitive style of eating and say goodbye to elimination diets and feeling like you can’t eat anything.

…you took your life back by saying goodbye to the weekly doctors visits and medications through nourishing whole food, holistic healing herbs, and simple mindset shifts?

What’s Inside?

April’s Identify and Heal Program is a 60 day customizable program that includes  1-1 bio individualized coaching, weekly  mentorship calls,  5 video based education modules and segments, and personalized herbal consultation.

You have access to this personalized support  plus access to the Closed Facebook Group for others on a chronic illness journey and immediate access to the Conscious Cleanse Ebook and Course.

The video Modules are stepping stones for your healing pathway. I believe the most empowering notion we have on a health journey is education and action. I provide this and more in this program.

This is a personalized practice so you can radically heal, take back your life and have all the tools to self heal on this journey.

This is for you If…

You are tired of packets at the doctors office with no clear action plan suited for your lifestyle OR budget 

You are sick of being sick! With chronic illness or mystery symptoms draining your energy and body.

You are at the tipping point where your illness is ready to go from bad to worse. 

You want so deeply to heal but you lack action steps to get you to your goals.

You are ready to accept your illness and find the root cause of whats keeping you sick.

What I specialize In 

  • Candida + Fungal Infections
  • SIBO(small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth)
  • Inflammation
  • Digestive Disorders 
  • Severe Weight Loss/Weight Gain 
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Sugar +Refined Carb Cravings 
  • Endocrine Issues

What You Get 

  • Support with your new lifestyle, routine, and diet 
  • Learn how to Use food as Medicine 
  • Learn What Herbs Best Support Your Body 
  • Learn Intuitive eating for mind body health AND weight-loss/weight-gain. 
  • Guidance for whole food eating
  • Learn Mind- Body connection and gut-brain axis.

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My Story + The method

When I got diagnosed with my candida, toxic mold, parasites, and adrenal fatigue I was given an elimination diet that was no where close suited to my vegan diet, my lifestyle, and aspects of my self that I was not wiling to let go of. It was then I created my own program and healed my chronic illness in half the projected healing time. What I found was that healing was the combination of a few key things that were lacking in my practitioners offices.




Honor for the Process


Tools + Applicable Action

 The Progressive Healing Model

Module 1: Detox + Cleanse

Learn to detox from toxins, triggers, and causes of pain and stunted progress on your healing journey. Start to clear out and engage proper function of the digestive system, organs, and immune system.

Module 2: Food As Medicine 

Learn the best food for body. What does your body thrive on? Learn how to build your kitchen as a medicine cabinet.What helps heal your specific illness and ailments? What should my plate look like in my phases of healing. Begin to Identify Food as your main source of medicine.

Module 3: Intuitive eating 

Learn how to listen to your body. Often in illness we have learned to numb and avoid our pain. Learn to listen to your body and it’s call for energy. R-elearn how to eat with the best support for your body in mind. Listen to your body.

Module 4: Herbal Integrations

Learn the value of herbals and plant medicine. Learn the tips of using functional and practical herbal based practices in daily life.

Module 5: Lifestyle Accommodation and Deep Healing 

Healing and wellness can fit into your lifestyle. Learn how to make adjustments, mindset shifts, and take action for your healing journey. Learn how to heal with ease.