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Apothecary: Thyme as a Method for Combating Inflammation

There are a wide array of medical herbal blends that reduce inflammation. From turmeric to ginger to cinnamon and more. There are far and few in between. One herb not much mentioned for its great medical uses is thyme. 

Thyme can be used in tea blends or extraction in the form of oils.

In medical healing circles and apothecary  thyme is t is known for its helpful remedies for arthritis and full body inflammation.

Much Like turmeric; thyme can be used to treat bloating and full body inflammation caused by a bad GI track and poor gut health regime.

In healing and treating factors like candida, IBS, parasites, bloating and other inflammatory diseases and conditions; thyme is an excellent addition to your daily routines.

How to functionally add this to your routine:

I recommend using anti-inflammatory herbal ingredients in all of your meals when treating conditions such as these. Using spices and blends in the kitchen in the form of sitting down with a cup of tea or adding oils to massage roller etc,  while may to some may sounds like a form of modern herbal witchcraft and apothecary,  is an extremely practical and a great way to spice up meals and add some different choices all around the kitchen.

I treat my herbal tea blends as a self care practice and will never stop attesting to the benefits that these small changes can have when treating chronic conditions or the occasional bloating.

What quick fixes are you looking for in your wellness routine?  Comment below!

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