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Why Celery Juice is Essential for Healing Candida Imbalance

The celery juice craze, You’ve seen it right?

It is ALL over IG and comes from the work and teaching of the Medical Medium, Anthony William.

If your keeping up with the trend you’ve heard its claims at healing gut heal, increasing essential acids in the stomach and Anthony William links it to spiritual insights from God on its miraculous effects.

When it comes down to the studies on celery juice and the effect there isn’t much out there, but when a healing cure comes directly from God- Do you think its time to consider?

Today I’m going tot all a bit about my journey with celery Juice and explain why it is essential for healing your candida and ANY other gut alignment your might have.

Heres how I fit this into my morning routine ( Ideal for people with busy mornings and those who sort of roll there eyes at the idea of mother thing to do in the Am.

Regardless, trust me you’ll want to get on this trend.

The idea of healing and  promoting healthy levels of acid in the stomach with food is so appealing to me, but I don’t exactly have the time at this point in my life to add this extra step to my morning! So, I discovered my own way to incorporate celery juice into my morning. Ideally, one would consume freshly juiced celery juice on an empty stomach. Then, 20-30 minutes after the celery juice go about there normal eating routine! BUT I don’t own a juicer and I have a quite demanding work schedule  and no time in the mornings. I still want the benefits of the  juice so I meal prep it!  Here’s how I do it:

 I prepare the juice by washing the celery stalks, cutting and blending in in a high quality blender (fiber and all ).

 I then place the blended mixture in mason jars for up to 3 days.

 In the mornings, I take a nut milk bag and drain the juice from the fiber.

 It’s good to go!

 To me, wellness should be achievable for all individuals and if something doesn’t quite blend with your lifestyle theres room for adjustments! Rather than losing all the benefits from this protocol I integrate. 

Let it be known I do recommend fresh juice when it can be done but if your mornings are as crazy as mine, this may work for you! .


So Down to the science of celery juice. Celery, when juiced and when consumed on an empty stomach produces acid called: Hydrochloric acid which is essential when you are trying to repair your gut. If you are healing candida or a bacteria balance in your gut, intestines or vaginal canal- This is essential( They all are connected via the Microbiome ).

Hydrochloric acid is an important aspect when speaking of the gut lining. h When healing and repairing itself having healthy lining is essential for your microbial community to stay healthy and happy.

This balance is crucial for your healthy bacteria overpower your  “ bad” bacteria or unwanted yeast/ parasites.

It is also known to help acne and EVB.

Have You tried Celery Juice Method? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Yes I. Have done this..amazing results…cures so many things…

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