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Why I Choose Antibiotics and Herbal Remedies to Heal Parasite Infection

Why I Choose Antibiotics and Herbal Remedies To Heal Parasites.

I’d love to start off by saying this: I have not chosen one over the other!

Functional medicine plays a role and incorporating antibiotics when necessary and for 100 percent efficiency is never a bad things!

My parasite  is an entamoeba Coli  that can in some cases and strains result in cysts in the liver if untreated. It can be is infectious in some regards (sexually transmitted) and it’s  eggs can live days after passing a stool.

Needless to say I have no fear talking about poop on social media AND this parasite needs to be taken seriously. 

I had  this parasite for an estimated 6 years without knowing  and is very urgent ( as you can tell!) . 

Urgent but not something to fear.  To be completely honest my run in with candida had me fearing the antibiotics more than the thing I’m hosting!

For those of you with this parasite I will recap and link a lovely scholarly  article about the healing benefits of Cacao and grape seed oil when healing this parasite strain .

In addition to my antibiotics her is my natural healing protocol 

-100 billion probiotics 

-Cacao (2 TBS once a day)

-Grape-seed oil: on Salad topping/ cooking

I addition to this natural healing I will be taking the antibiotics (Metronidazole) and treating the side effects of this medication. 

After this 14 day round I will be on the candida diet for 2 weeks for detox and to repair my gut as well as starting the second round of anti-bacterial herbs to make sure the parasite doesn’t come back.

Ever found your self with a parasite? Did you do natural healing or western medicine??  Or both!? Thoughts below!! 

*i am not a doctor and can not offer any medical advice this is just my personal experience 

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