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Skin Fasting as a Doorway to Self Love

Don’t worry it’s not as complex as it sounds and I’ll have to be honest here: I think this practice does more for your mental health than it does for your skin. Heres Why.

Skin Fasting is a process where you fast from all skincare products: oils, cleansers, acne treatments, moisturizers, and makeup. You wash with just water day and night.

The idea is that you give your pores and skin a break from all the substances or even chemicals you consciously or unconsciously use every day. This effectively resets your skin PH naturally and clears out all the toxins!

In terms of the physical results, I saw some major impacts on my redness and scarring after doing a fast for 10 days and highly recommend this to anyone wanting to clear up their skin. It is highly effective.

I also know, that from my experience the thought of walking outside without makeup was SCARY. I mean, I have nightmares about this stuff.

If this is you I really hope you don’t close out this post right now, Because I wrote this for you.

The skin fast was not about my skin or making it clearer. It was initially but it formed into something more. When I decided to try this ( and even go to work without makeup) I got really emotional. I thought about how horrible my skin is, how young “little” or unsophisticated I look without makeup, how tired I was and how that would show on my face. And I realized… Something in me realized… that I needed to heal my relationship with my skin and well, I had to do this.

There wouldn’t be a bigger act of self love than this.

Sure, my skin needed a break. I hadn’t gone a day without makeup in 8 years. But it really was about more than that.

It was about how I had to wake up before my family on Christmas morning to put on makeup to hide my scars. And that at sleepovers in high school and even camping in college, I’d slip away before anybody woke up because of how I feared other opinions on my skin. I did it because, even now, I hide behind makeup and felt so horribly about my face that I gave less effort to other parts of my self-care routine. Things that really lit me up.

Why was I doing this?

Honestly, because I was afraid. And that’s ok. But I needed to own up to it. So I went a week without makeup and…. the craziest thing happened.

I was basking in my authenticity and it was really well received by others and most of all myself.

I felt really good. Like I could just face the world as myself and that was…OK.

Im serious- this was a major awakening for me.

Plus- my skin looked even better each day.

Now, I try to go without makeup a few days a week and keep telling myself I’m not obligated to wear it if I’m not feeling it.

Why was that so hard after all? I needed to face the fear and tune into my own beliefs. We are all beautiful, so why was I hiding? I don’t have the answer to that question. Yet, at least I made a small step to uncovering this. Do things that scare you! (within reason) and follow your intuition.

After my experience with skin fasting, I’d say it’s a must-have in my self-care practices and wellness routine. Disclaimer, I am no guru on skin fasting, but I did have a lovely experience and really have adapted this into my lifestyle. It’s building a deeper relationship to self-love and I think that that is really important today’s beauty climate and atmosphere.

I really think you should try this. And it’s ok if you’re scared. But it’s not ok to hide behind something, whatever that thing may be. There magic on the other side.

Your authenticity is your beauty!

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