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The Microbiome: The Community Living Inside You and How to Nourish It

The Microbiome: The Community Living Inside You and How to Nourish It

The Gut Microbiome holds heavy importance in the health of your body. To have a thriving healthy gut requires awareness on the impact of food, nutrients, and signals that correlate directly to your health. It’s important to establish an active routine to maintain or revitalize the performance of your gut so you can regain optimal health.

Healing your gut occurs through the methods and practice of regular cleansing, nutrient absorption, and diet.

The health of the microbial community can be severely bothered and disrupted by the imbalance of organisms like candida (yeast), bacteria, parasites, the use of antibiotics(without proper reintroduction of bacteria afterward)  or lack of positive bacteria in general  (like those found in probiotic foods and supplements).

How To Heal

Healing this imbalance is a process. Testing for bacteria, candida, parasites, and malabsorption signals are all great ways to determine true and undeniable issues in your gut. Other signs include the inability to gain or lose weight, brain fog, fatigue, stomach pain, and poor digestion.

To heal you will need to wipe harmful bacteria, reintroduce good bacteria, follow a microbial effecient diet (such as the Plant Based Candida Protocol), and maintain a 80 percent compliance to that diet as a lifestyle change.

Allow Nutrients In

The Gut controls specific nutrients such as Vitamins  B, K , and Serotonin. To help to absorption you will need to change your diet, cleanse, and introduce these supplements into your body to give yourself massive support on your system.

Give it support Through Prebiotic Rich Foods

Another way to provide support is via Probiotic and Prebiotic foods. Each is different. Probiotics work to support the gut lining and support the gut and community. While Probiotics help keep the community( and number of organisms) in balance.


Diet should be primarily plant-based Diet to start. One would increase probiotic foods, prebiotic foods, decrease sugars( eliminate artificial sugar), and decrease complex carbs such as glutinous grains.  This should be followed for 1 month to start as a cleanse and then move on to  80% compromise 20% indulgence within the diet. During the later phase, you would add in the bacteria-rich foods like coconut yogurt, sauerkraut, and of course increase the plant-based probiotic/prebiotic sources.

Preventive Measures


A notable measure against a gut imbalance is to first get tested. It is important to know if your gut is underperforming. Skipping on the cleansing process of this method will not as timely and effective as starting with cleansing first. Given the food choices, pesticides, and toxins in the environment today paired with the average western diet- it’s more than likley your gut needs support in one way or another.

To prevent this imbalance in the long term you should eat a balanced diet. Plant-Based and Whole Food nutrition.In addition decrease sugar. A diet without processed sugars ( 80/20 rule) and rich in prebiotic an probiotic foods will do the trick.


Steer clear from antibiotics as often as possible. When killing some parasites to regain health they may be necessary. Use your digression. Antibiotics can increase symptoms and kill the healthy microbiome in addition to the unhealthy bacteria you are looking to rid yourself of. The microbiome is influenced and can change within 24 hours.Meaning, your gut will rapidly change after starting antibiotics and the reintorduction of probiotics shoudl be done liek clockwork, every 24 hours.

The community inside you controls so much about your physical wellbeing.

Looking for more? Check out my Cleanse Programs for guidance. Let me know in the comments your main health struggles for some 1-1 support!

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