Rosemary a powerful holistic healer and antifungal
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Functional Approach to Herbs and How to Integrate Them into Your Lifestyle

Herbs, when integrated into the diet/life can do magical things for your health. Here, I dive into the uses of all my favorite plants and how to use them in your diet and wellness routine.


Rosemary is a powerful anti-fungal and can help preserve foods. Used as a powerhouse for preserving meats and poultry one can imagine the effects it has on neutralizing toxins in our bodies when used as a wellness regime. I like to incorporate rosemary into my cooking and add blends to my plate through recipes: pasta, Baked potatoes and things of that nature.


Another powerful antifungal is oregano. As a candida diet advocate, I had to include this one. Oregano has been a staple in my regime for healing my candida ( in addition to another superpower herb I use for my clients in my coaching!) This is the next best supplement the eradication of yeast! You can use this in the form of tinctures (taken directly, orally, and/or add sprinkles(spice form) to pasta, pesto, or any of your favorite savory meals.


This is a gentle root herb used for soothing your stomach, bowels, and can help heal the skin, clean out/ soothe intestine track and so much more! I love incorporating this in curry, golden milk, mushroom coffees( Like Four Sigmatics great blends) and sweet desserts!! Ginger Cacao Brownies anyone?


Lavender is my favorite herb. I love the smell, the look and all it’s amazing benefits to stress and anxiety. Try adding lavender tincture (herb Pharmacy has a great blend) to your smoothies, dessert, and water! Another great way to add lavender to your lifestyle is to add the petals to your pillow for stress relief or aromatherapy machine. The benefits are endless!!

What are your favorite Herbs? Let me know in the comments!

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