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Why Progesterone Cream Isn’t Enough and Natural Steps You Can Take to Increase Hormones and Maintain Balance.

Why Progesterone Cream Isn’t Enough and Natural Steps You Can Take to Increase Hormones and Maintain Balance.

Why Progesterone Cream: My story

Progesterone Cream has been a staple in maintaining my hormone balance and will use this until my body can naturally produce a healthy amount of progesterone on its own.

When I first tested my levels of hormones, I was convinced that I had low/high estrogen. The signs and symptoms where there: Weight gain, then the rapid inability to lose weight, acne, stress and more. When I received test that claimed my estrogen was normal, I was faced with dis-ease and frustration. Finally, I opted in for a full hormone panel. Which revealed my progesterone was at the level of a menopausal women. At 22, this was most certainly a cause for concern.

To heal, I was offered synthetic creams and was not opt to join this to start.  Later, I found a vegan cream that was formulated via natural sources called: KORA. From my experience, This is one of the only products I have come across that is vegan and natural based!

I found that this helped my levels significantly but simply was not enough. I went back to my core values and decided to add some natural remedies into my lifestyle and routine.

Nature Integrations For Hormone Balance 

 So, In addition to my hormone cream I take vitex berry daily which is a powerhouse in balancing hormone levels.  Vitex is an antioxidant rich berry that  helps maintain hormones and helps reduce my cortisol spikes (through this balance). My stress and cortisol was a trigger to my overall imbalance.

In addition, I use a feminine balance essential oil. I am an advocate only using oils topically and not internally.  The essential oils that I use is  Natures Fusion Female Balance Blend which includes  the flower power essence  of violet, rose, Ylang Ylang, etc.This blend has produced both soothing aromatherapy and also the massive effect from the flowers promoting hormone healing. I simply put a drop on my wrists and neck and let the healing begin!

My severe imbalance did not take a day to manifest itself in this way, and it will not take a day to heal either. Each time I get tested I have better results and more balanced hormones. 

Creams, oils, vitex berry and a plant based diet are all the methods I integrate into my life for healing my hormone balance.

What are your methods? Share them with me in the comments!

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