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The Mood 01

The Mood 01 

Hello, and welcome to “ The Mood”. If you’ve found yourself here thank you for finding my little corner of the internet. The mood is an artistic expression and extension to my blog. I’ve found things were starting to become a bit stale for my creative power, expression, and i was looking for a little way to dabble in a more interpersonal space for my blogging. If your knew here, the Holistic Lemon is an alternative wellness platform where I share my all things plant based healing, cleanses, and my 1-1 Advising, stemmed from my own non linear and progressive journey to healing. Needless to say The mood fells a little of topic at first glance, and let me tell you i feel that. 

So the Mood will be a space were I dive into my creative center for the week, share my weekly interests insights, and  basically all the feels.  Think of it as a mood board dynamic meets inspiration brain dump. My journal.  Lets dive in 

The Mood 01 

This week and truly the past few weeks( are we seriously approaching July?!) have been a whirlwind of change, manifestations, growth, and intuitive guidance. While Ive been hibernating a bit from the interests, Ive been working on a lot of projects, launches, and prep work for the second half of this year and all things Holistic Lemon. At the forefront of all this has been my rebrand, my move to Venice, and a very powerful Summer Solstice. Ive also been falling short a bit on a lot of my core wellness practices as i work, prep and through my attention into other dynamics of my life. I’m working as we all are to find this balance.


The balance of a revamp on all my programs, a spontaneous and truly intuitive rebrand, and  trying to find the flow between my full time job ( did you guys know I’m a nanny?!) , my design work, my move,  and my clients and platform has truly been challenging yet expansive time for me. The thing that’s fallen a little short? Self care time and revitalization. Time to prioritize a little more, find a little more time in my days and take it easy on myself a little. Ive learned that keeping a schedule, planner, and give myself time for spiritual reset really bings me clarity. For me, more clarity = More time. 

Manifestation + Unblocking 

I moved to Venice! Roger and I finally moved to a small little studio bungalow about 15 minutes from the beach. Are hearts are filled with so much gratitude,  Good old law pf attractions. Ive been working with much of Lacy Phillips work ( a hypnotherapy for manifestation and unblocking subconscious beliefs ) and I truly cannot get enough. Tied in with my own practices, study, and teachings. Im truly grateful to the universe and law of attraction.  


 Ive been diagnosed with hydrogen dominant SIBO, and am working to clear out the bacteria and support my microbiome. I am currently on a low FODMAP diet for SIBO, plant based and whole food.  My healing regime, is a bit unconventional (I’m going to be diving into his next week). Ive been experiencing many IBS flareups, die off, and am just now starting to settle into a new routine. Just a gentle reminder that healing is so individual, and gives me more understanding the honor that prices in each and every one of our bodies. healing along side my clients has truly brought so much energy to my life. My regime is going close to the 3 week mark, which means i am abut halfway through, The boating, pain, and dis ease seems so be passing every day with time. Just another reminder to go easy on myself. 

Call back to Nature 

The call to nature as been more strong than ever recently. Due to my move, I’m a little more immersed in the city ( despite being close to the beach?) Oh LA! I previously lived in the Valley, and the noise and general bustle is a lot different here than that area of Los Angeles. I thankfully work in the beautiful canyons of thousand oaks, so i have been able to get in walks here and there. Ive feeling called to a  little escape to Malibu for a hike this afternoon. I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend!

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