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Healing a Knee Injury with Essential Oils and an Anti-Inflammation Protocol

Healing a Knee Injury with Essential Oils and an Anti-Inflammation Protocol

We’ve all been there.  Inflammation builds up, physical therapy,  that pain that just won’t go away. If you like most people ( and by most people I mean me)  you got pretty used to numbing or avoiding your pain. Whether that’s avoidance or just a high pain tolerance is one thing, but chronic pain can be very debilitating for our lives.

My Journey 

When I was in High School I played a variety of sports. I would consider myself very active. Although many of those small injuries have turned into a bigger problems for my knees, back, and ankles down the line. I’ve torn the ligaments in my ankle 4 times to date and sprained it multiple times after that. The second to last time that I had my sports injury threw my body over the edge.

I was told I needed surgery, and being that I didn’t like the idea of cutting my ankle ligament,  I took the path of avoidance and struggled with the crutches.

Like anything, numbing is never the answer and I’m not ready to take a year off to heal a cut ankle ligament just yet, so I turned to alternative paths (years later unfortunately).

After increasing my exercise and adding more cardio to my routine, naturally, the symptoms of my ankle started to pick up again, the discomfort increased and later  adapted another injury. My ankle does this fun little thing where it shifts off to the side and loosens the ligament ( very uncomfortable) and effects the way I walk and my knees.

Now, even before my sports injuries I always had knee pains. I mean those long car rides from Rhode Island to New York really did me in. I figured it was just normal to experience this pain after sitting for long periods of time ( like any kid would I suppose ). The problem was that as I got older and more active after the ligament damage my knee took a turn.

I eventually went to get it checked out after horrible pain picked up and decided not to go away this time.

The Condition 

The result? I have a condition call patellofemoral syndrome and it was something I was born with. During that final injury to my ankle, I took a blow to the knee that displaced it just enough so that my right knee was severely damaged (I just so happened not to notice due to the condition of my ankle) My inattention to this caused more damage, down the line.

Ultimately, I decided to incorporate sports medicine and holistic healing pathways to heal. Here’s what I’m doing to put my knee at ease and re-train that finicky ankle.**

**Please note I am not a doctor this is simply my journey

The Healing

Physical Therapy

I bet you saw this coming. I’ve been using physical therapy for the positive effects of the exercise gives and the benefits of the knee massage and help heal and regain more muscle(d0ne to heal the grinding which is causing the tension in my knee as decided by a licensed practitioner) I am seeing the effects of this largely.

Essential Oils 

I have been using the Elanveda Re-Flex Oil as a therapy for my healing for quite some time and is a standard for my everyday healing regime. The anti-inflammatory properties included in this organic and Ayurvedic blend has not only has decreased my inflammation but has become therapeutic for self-healing massage.

Foam Rollling 

Don’t overlook this one! I have been foam rolling with the PT exercises and found this to be helpful in balancing the overcompensating muscles around my knee(thus helping alleviate the pain).


Turmeric + Pepper is healing superpower. This anti-inflammatory protocol is really helpful in combating full-body inflammation found it extremely healing for my knee, IBS, and generally full-body inflammation.

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