Cosmic The Mood Weekly

The Mood 02

The Mood 02 

Moody AF

Ultra moody this week. Exploring new dimensions to content creation, rest, and taking it back to just allow my self to explore what it means to “be”. 

Leo Season 

The Astrological forecast has run a little rampant in my opinion  and now that we are full force into Leo Season i see the swirl of confidence and just pure Boss energy take over the  collective and I’m so digging this vibe. 

Creative Energy 

Personally, I’ve been in whirlwind , form my own healing which is rapidly expanding faster than I may be ready to experience. A new swirl of creative expression and diving a lot deeper into my own metaphysical practices has become my new norm. 

 Just Be + The Contradictions 

Its a great time to just be, Let the energy flow and follow what direction it pulls. Although I feel the creative fire burning bright, I feel it in the collective energy as well. Must be The Lions Gate Portal (click to read more).

My life is a swirl of contradictions at times, and lately I’ve just been allowing that to be. Not everything needs to be over thought or done.

If you new to this column, just know that this is my journal and creative burn book so if you’re here for the health click this button to be redirected to things that actually make sense. 

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