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So, you think you have a sugar addiction? Blame your microbiome.

Western Society has a big problem with sugar addiction. I’m sure this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Mostly every American- or even westerner- as had a run-in with the case for sugar. Sugar addiction is real and it is like the plague to gut health and good microbiology. Sound familiar? it all relates back to a little thing called Candida. Candida is a natural bacteria in our guts and it feeds off sugar and carbohydrates. It quite literally needs it to survive. It’s what’s classified as a pathogen bacteria.

How to Kick the Habit? Learn the Facts.

We’ve got 2 very large problems on our hands with sugar. The addictive aspects of sugar and the problems it leaves on gut health. Sugar repeats a deadly sequence for candida in our guts. By increasing candida, it also increases our bodies’ reliance on it. So that sugar vice you’ve got? Blame it on your microbiology.

How to Heal your Gut, Kick the Sugar Habit and Break the Cycle.


Your body is more bacteria than it is human cells- in fact, bacteria account for more of your body than your own DNA and unlike DNA it can be heavily influenced… daily. And when it is? It completely alters your body physically and emotionally. That bacteria actually causes your body to produce a craving as its fight or flight response( The candida that is). The chain reaction then kicks off due to your neurotransmitters in your gut (your second brain). This alters your cravings and mood so you get into the sugar rush wormhole. Now, this is a problem for a few reasons. Due to the fact that this supplies sugar juice for the pathogenetic bacteria (candida) but and the fact that this cycle also leads to a whole lot more problems for your general health that are deeper than gut health.

Blood Sugar

When we eat high GI food or load up on sugar (in the morning especially), we often produce a crash in the afternoon. This is due to the blood sugar spikes this causes and the aftermath of a depleted adrenal gland.


Blood sugar spikes affect the hormones- this is why women with PCOS or hormone problems often have to follow a low carb, low Gi and Low sugar diet to help support their body’s natural cycles. By balancing blood sugar you also help balance hormones.

Now, with chronic gut ailments or those that are already stuck in this bacteria-blood sugar- hormone crisis I’ve explained above due to the imbalances of the gut and often candida- think of it as a dominio effect that keeps cycling back around.

To heal, we must begin in the gut and work our way back and around. This what I like to call the nonlinear healing cycle that I teach and advocate for with my clients.

Healing gut health is a long haul and often begins with small changes that make a big impact- like cleansing, diet, and mindfulness routines.

Ready to break up with sugar for good?



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