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The Follow Your Gut Method 

I remember feeling anxious, confused and blatantly triggered every time I  left the doctors office when I first started my chronic illness healing transformation. In one year, I was diagnosed with candida overgrowth, toxic mold, lyme, PCOS, SIBO, IBS,  Gastritis, oh and Acid Reflux. Without fail, every time I left a specialists  office I left with a new diagnosis and more confusion. I was tired, angry, and felt like I saw myself go down the chronic pain rabbit hole further and further each and everyday. I left every visit WITHOUT a clear, direct healing plan that worked for my lifestyle and values.

Which leads me to where I am today. I followed my gut ( quite literally) and my intuition to discover the chronic illness healing key:  The Mind-Body connection. In medicine, we call this the gut-brain axis.

What I discovered is that my chronic pain, triggers, allergens, and illnesses WERE all connected, despite being treated my different practices and offices. This was a step I could ONLY discover with self healing, whole food medicine, and herbal support.

What I also discovered was that my energy, mind, and disconnection to my body and food was a root cause of my illness just as much as the parasites, bacteria and microbes were.

There were only two real options for me at this point: Take responsibility and take charge of my own healing, discover a bio-individual diet and herbal plan that worked for me, and of course Focus on my energetic body JUST as much as my Physical Body.

My Healing Journey always required me to listen to my body. Is it time to rethink your healing?