Follow Your Gut 

Ebook and Online Access

10.00 USD

Printed Book Copy + Online Portal+ Ebook Access

20.00 USD

An Intuitive Guide to Detox &  Healing Your Gut

Rewire your cravings by balancing your microbiome, healing your body of toxins & creating an intuitive relationship with food.

What’s Inside?

  • 70 Plus Pages of actionable steps & Learning Materials
  • 15 plus Plant Based recipes for a cleanse and daily eating!
  • Access to the Online Intuitive Eating Course
  • Comprehensive Guide for 21 days of  Detox and Cleansing
  • Breakdown of Mind-Body Methodology and How to Apply Practically to your lifestyle.
  • 20 Plus Conscious Eating habits and Action Steps
  • A healing plan for kickstarting your healing
  • Toxins Elimination Calendar and Breakdown
  • Plant Based Shopping Guide and Food Recommendations

Modules & Course Curriculum  

 Healing Modern Illness

The disassociation of the mind, body, spirit is the most pressing illness of our time. This energetic buildup of emotions and physical buildup of toxins without release is a precursor to illness. The first step to cultivating a healthy self is desire to heal and being committed to small action step to the overall goals. Wellness is a practice and not a destination. One where you can experience massive healing transformative results along the way with commitment of energy.

Your healing journey, may it be chronic illness, gut health, hormones, weight-loss, or emotional is a bio individual process. Your healing is unique to you. Your environment, lifestyle, food choices, upbringing and DNA influence this journey, which means it will look different for everyone. As you detox and re-establish an intuitive relationship to you body and self you will start to be able to recognize where your body needs healing and what it needs.

The Program 

This is a self lead detox program designed to heal your mind, body, and spirit.  You will rewire your cravings AND detox from environmental toxins, food preservatives and pesticides, as well as many other common toxins in this modern world cultivated through the western eating practice and food agriculture. Through detox we can reclaim an intuitive connection between food and body and therefore body and mind. This guide will help you cultivate a conscious and intuitive eating patterns and practices that heal you and make you whole. 

Want 1-1 Support? 1-1 Coaching with weekly calls, support and accountability with 1-1 Coaching with April.

Online Portal and Audio Content 

To Master the art of Intuitive Eating is a lifelong practice. The foundational building blocks for Intuitive and Conscious Eating can be found in the Intuitive Eating Course. This guidebook is best suited in junction with the free online course.

The Intuitive Cleanse is am in-depth practice, cleanse, and self mastery workshop for Conscious eating , healing illness, and toxin elimination. 


“I cannot say enough amazing things about the Holistic Lemon. She really listens  and teaches you to listen to your body…. I have been working with her for a little over a month and already lost 11 pounds. I didn’t do this for weight loss- just an added bonus! She helps you mend from the inside out!”



What is a Mind Body Healing?  Mind body healing is an approach to blend functional holistic wellness practices and nutrition with understanding of the human mind and energy centers. As a mind body practitioner I think of the body, mind, and spirit as parts to a whole and focus my healing for myself and my clients  on the  understanding of this symbiotic relationship.

Why Detox? The modern world is plagued by food additives, pesticides, plastics, heavy metals, and many other toxins. For this reason, I include a period of detox with most all of my clients and certainly my programs. The detox methodology I use is quite unconventional and focuses on a diverse amount of whole food plant based nutrition, supplementation, and digestive reset to cleanse the body and ultimately restore a primal homeostasis within the body and mind, a truly transformative state for healing.

What kind of support is offered? As with any coaching practice, the results are entirely up to you and your commitment to yourself, you’re healing, and your goals.  Your desire and interest in this program is the first step to this commitment. As is the human condition we often become fixated or even distracted from our goals. My job is ultimately your support and through your weekly meal plan, daily action steps, weekly 1-1 calls, and 24/7 text support I will make sure you are prioritizing your health by listening and providing my guidance from research and personal experience. I am will you every single step of the way, once you take that first leap.

What if I’m not “spiritual”, is this program for me? Yes, most certainly. My programs are rooted deeply in both practical plant medicine and the mystic. At the heart of my practice is an understanding of  Holistic Health ,an approach which i describe as a study of plants and the human body system. The implementation fo the action steps given in my consults and weekly 1-1 coaching calls , meal plans, and more will help your on your pathway to health tremendously. As for the spiritual, this program will go where you’d like it to go. My practice of embedding deeply spiritual and conceptually mystical aspects are but one part of this whole journey. Do I whole heartily believe you will experience the most healing after an ailment of mind body and spirit? With all of my being yes. But i also know that if you are on a healing path within my specialization, i can support you and help you receive the results an optimal health you desire.

What should I expect? You should expect support and an adaptable compressive healing plan.  This program will curate a pathway that targets your unique heath goals, concerns, desires, and  help you reach breakthroughs on healing any ailments or conditions you are currently facing on your health journey.

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