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My Six Year Candida Journey

My Six Year Candida Journey Candida? Yeast?  Toxic Mold? What is Candida Overgrowth? Well, I’ ll start by saying it’s not ALWAYS a yeast infection, skin condition or  stubborn belly bloat! More specifically though,  candida ( or systematic candidas) is  condition in which yeast resides in the blood, gut, skin, or elsewhere and creates an irregular imbalance. Candida is a naturally occurring substance in the body and in the gut, but when this gets out of balance it can cause an array of health problems. For example, having to much IGG or IGA strands appear in blood can indicate you …

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From Mystery Illness to Autoimmune: My Diagnosis Journey.

From Mystery Illness to Autoimmune: My Diagnosis Journey. If you know anything about autoimmunity you know this isn’t going to be short. So thank you for taking the time to read about my journey as complex, long, and overwhelming as it all may seem. I’m taking this back all the way to the beginning: Candida to my new found  Vasculitis and Lyme Disease. Here goes it.  The Journey To Diagnosis I’m April.  People often refer to me as “ the healthiest sick person they know.” Sometimes I think that that might be an understatement.  My journey is a complex mixture of …

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So, you think you have a sugar addiction? Blame your microbiome.

Western Society has a big problem with sugar addiction. I’m sure this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Mostly every American- or even westerner- as had a run-in with the case for sugar. Sugar addiction is real and it is like the plague to gut health and good microbiology. Sound familiar? it all relates back to a little thing called Candida. Candida is a natural bacteria in our guts and it feeds off sugar and carbohydrates. It quite literally needs it to survive. It’s what’s classified as a pathogen bacteria. How to Kick the Habit? Learn the Facts. We’ve …

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September changes.  Who’s ready for some pumpkin?   I am. Harvest season in general- I can’t wait! I’m also ready to spice up my life and my herbal protocols. Change is in the air, but good change. I’ve taken on a new dimension of healing with #pcosawarenessmonth and my diagnosis. I will be walking through my healing from a deeper healing of my hormones, a lower carb diet, a new style of eating: farm to table. I honored my body and slow growth. Also, I’ve been trying out this rad liquid soil based probiotic ( stay tuned) and staying creative. I’m tapping …

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SIBO and Candida: How they are Related

SIBO and Candida: How they are Related Could digestive ailments like candida and SIBO be related? I most certainly think so. Here’s why. We already know the correlations between digestive wellness patterns and emotional health. Not sure? Check out that blog posts here. We also know the digestive wellness and the Microbiome communities in our bodies, in general, are correlated to general health. So what about digestive ailments being correlated to other digestive ailments?  Let’s take for example candida and SIBO.  Often when healing candida we do this practice known as starving the gut bacteria(through diet and lifestyle changes). Many …

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Celery Juice: Is it really good for our health and digestion?

Celery Juice: Is it really good for our health and digestion?  Celery Juice! It’s all the craze! It was made popular by the Medical Medium and the Medical Medium Protocol. The medical medium is a spiritual channel ( Anthony Williams).As he describes it and he channels the answers from his guides on common mystery illnesses. He also is a Medicine Reader and channel in the sense that his guides tell him people are sick and layout the groundwork for his healing. You can read much more about his story  and work in his book” Medical Medium” . The celery juice …